Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Councilmember Trachtenberg Speaks at the Latin American Advisory Group Meeting

Councilmember Trachtenberg was the guest speaker at last night’s meeting of the Latin American Advisory Group which took place at the Community Partnerships office, 255 Rockville Pike, Suite 102 in downtown Rockville.

Councilmember Trachtenberg updated the group on the current budget challenges facing the county in her capacity as chair of the Management and Fiscal Policy (MFP) Committee on the County Council. After her remarks, a Q&A session took place during which time the group members updated her on the budget priorities for this community.

The discussion ranged from public private partnerships being one way that the community’s social services needs could be better maintained in light of the inevitable funding changes these difficult economic times will bring to how small businesses could be better helped and supported and the idea of creating a small business advisory group was proposed.

Councilmember Trachtenberg emphasized that collaboration between all the various sectors; public, private and non-profit, will be necessary in the months and years ahead as the work toward the fundamental restructuring of county government progresses.

For more information about the Latin American Advisory Group, click here.

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