Friday, April 23, 2010

Councilmember Trachtenberg Meets with Liberty's Promise Students

Yesterday afternoon, Councilmember Duchy Trachtenberg visited with several of the immigrant youth at Liberty’s Promise, an after-school program that strives to provide young immigrants with the information and support they need in pursuing his or her personal American Dream: earning a college degree, entering their chosen profession and demonstrating the potential for individual choice in this country.

The Councilmember made a few opening remarks to talk about what she does as an At-Large County Councilmember; that she represents all the residents of Montgomery County; and why she chose to serve in local elective office. She told them that while most people think that the best way to affect real change in people’s lives is primarily in higher-level offices, like the U.S. Congress and even as president, that serving at the local level often makes it easier to implement changes that more directly affect the local community where our family, friends and neighbors live and work. She cited some examples that included: The banning of trans fats in all Montgomery County restaurants and the establishment of the Family Justice Center.

A Q&A period followed where several the young people asked questions and during which the Councilmember explained that things really can and do get changed when people are active advocates on behalf of a cause or change they believe in. She urged them all to take that role seriously and to contact her and their other local elected officials with their ideas and concerns because this really does lead to changes in the local community.

The Councilmember closed by saying that while these are tough economic times that everyone is able to reach out to others and help even if only with a kind word or gesture.

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