Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Health and Human Services Committee – Report on Worksession

The Health and Human Services Committee met yesterday, in the first of several committee worksessions deliberating County Executive Leggett’s funding recommendations for the HHS department and partner organizations. For FY11 the County Executive is recommending an appropriation of $246, 759, 450 for DHHS, which represents an overall reduction of about 8% from the FY10 approved budget.

At this session, the Committee’s discussions examined details representing the proposed 13.7% reduction in HHS Administration and Support Services, and included:

• Transfer of staff to the MC311 Call Center
• Changes in general funding and award dollars to programs and initiatives under the Office of Community Affairs—including general health outreach, several ethnic health programs/initiatives; and an after-school program in Rosemary Hills.

During the session, Councilmember Trachtenberg said “We are in a very challenging period and in a traumatic environment in which we must focus on the delivery of services to the most vulnerable. These are not strangers—they are our neighbors, our friends and our family members.” Councilmember Trachtenberg also expressed concerns about the likely disenfranchisement of those served by mental health and disability service agencies; and additionally joined colleagues in tabling several items for reconciliation.

The details of the proposed budget recommendations can be found in the April 12th Committee packet. A summary of determinations will be made available by Council staff. The Committee will continue its discussions on remaining items for the Department of Health and Human Services at the next committee session on Thursday April 15th at 2PM.

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