Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Duchy Trachtenberg Holds Press Event for Development Oversight Legislation

Councilmember Duchy Trachtenberg (At-Large) hosted a press event today to discuss newly introduced legislation to require the Montgomery County Executive to designate an official to coordinate developments regarding new master-planned development. Representatives from the civic, development and business community joined Councilmember Trachtenberg to discuss the proposed legislation.

“With this legislation, we can provide all of the stakeholders in the development process—neighbors, taxpayers, labor, business owners, the development community, and County officials—with the assurances that our critically important development efforts will move forward, efficiently, effectively, expediously, and at reasonable cost to our County,” said Trachtenberg. "With this legislation, we can bring much needed oversight and coordination to the complex development process—something that I think we can all agreed is welcome and needed.”

Attending today’s press event were: Duchy Trachtenberg, Montgomery County Councilmember; Rollin Stanley, Director, Montgomery County Planning Department Paul Meyer, Friends of White Flint; Rod Lawrence, representing JBG Companies and the White Flint Partnership; Suzanne Hudson, a Garrett Park resident; Francine Waters, representing the Lerner Companies and the White Flint Partnership; Barnaby Zall, representing Friends of White Flint; Ed Rich, a resident of Old Farm; Vance Ayres, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Washington, DC Building and Construction Trades Council; Dan Hoffman, Randolph Civic Association; Della Stollsworth, Luxmanor Civic Association

The press event was broadcast live on County Cable Montgomery (CCM).

Attending the event on behalf of Councilmember Trachtenberg were Naomi Bloch, Laurie Edberg, Wil Gutierrez and Chief of Staff Alan Bowser.

Click here for the County Council Press Release.

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