Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Statement by Francine Waters at the Press Event for Development Oversight Legislation

Contact: Craig Sutherland
(813) 787-0525

January 20, 2010

Statement by Francine Waters on Behalf of
Lerner Enterprises and the White Flint Partnership

"The White Flint Partnership, a unique collaboration of property owners in the White Flint area of Bethesda, released the following statement today in support of legislation introduced by County Councilmembers Duchy Trachtenberg and Mike Knapp to advance infrastructure improvements as part of a new White Flint Sector Plan.

“In a time of severe economic uncertainty, the redevelopment of the White Flint area has the potential to create almost 8 million square feet of net new office and retail space. This would become home to as many as 30,000 new workers in well-paying jobs, as well as entry level service jobs, all within walking distance of the existing Metro station.

“It will require bold action to transform the current hodge-podge of retail sprawl with $500M of targeted infrastructure improvements --10 new East/West roads and 6 new North/ South roads creating a new network grid of streets, dedicated bike lanes, dedicated transit way all to make a new livable, walkable and safe White Flint community.

“That degree of public and private investment requires a dedicated senior-level official to ensure that the infrastructure planning, funding and construction are well coordinated with open lines of communication within the community. This oversight will give residents and property owners alike the security to invest in a new White Flint community.

“We applaud Councilmembers Trachtenberg and Knapp for their efforts to move the residents of a New White Flint closer to the development of a community that residents, and the whole county, can be proud to call our own.”

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