Friday, February 26, 2010

Montgomery County Business Advisory Panel

The Trachtenberg Office was represented at the 11th Annual meeting of the Business Advisory Panel. The Panel is convened by the County’s Office of Finance.

The County Council of Montgomery County established the BAP in 1999 to seek the advice of industry experts in key sectors of the County’s business community concerning the current and future state of the County’s economy. The law requires that the Director of the Department of Finance convene the panel annually and relay the panel’s advice to the County Executive and the County Council.

The BAP consisted of members representing the real estate, biotechnology, academia, government and trade associations. The meeting was structured to allow participants to brief the panel on the local economic trends and to share their insights about future economic prospects in the County. The participants also discussed the Department’s economic assumptions for the next six fiscal years.

Our Chief of Staff Alan Bowser represented Councilmember Trachtenberg at the meeting.

County Economic Information and Business Advisory Panel Reports can be viewed here.

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