Friday, February 26, 2010

The Trachtenberg Office Attends the African Affairs Advisory Group Meeting

Naomi Bloch attended last night's re-scheduled meeting of the African Affairs Advisory Group meeting representing Councilmember Trachtenberg. The meeting took place at the Office of Community Partnerships located at 255 Rockville Pike.

The meeting focused on the status of the Group's efforts to ultimately establish an African Community Center. A report was presented on the work being done by the non-profit committee towards that goal.

A report was also given by Rev. Kennedy Odzafi, the Vice-Chair of the AAAG about the Latino Health Initiative and the very effective work they are doing on health issues affecting the Latino Community in Montgomery County. He suggested that it is critical to use their model to establish an African Health Initiative to address health issues that are specific to the African immigrant community in Montgomery County.

An update was given regarding the upcoming 2010 Census Count and how the African Community is doing a great job with having ads placed in publications throughout the county, particularly African-targeted publications. The Chair, Remi Duyile, reminded the group that while these are all great actions, the group must not loose sight of the ultimate goal of making sure that a total count of African residents in Montgomery County is accomplished.

Chair Duyile updated the group with her report on the Sister City project asking the group for recommendations and to be sure that the process is completely unbiased and fair as this is just the first in what will hopefully be many additional future Sister Cities to be name in the years ahead.

The African Affairs Advisory Group meets the 2nd Thursday of every month in the Office of Community Partnerships, Suite 102. For more information, click here.

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